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The deepest value

What should you pursue in life?

  • Some try with impulsive pleasure, but find that they can't sustain their life for long with that approach.
  • Some try with power, money and success, but find that it feels empty once they achieve it. They can never get enough.
  • Some try with equanimity and living in the now, but find that they still need a direction in life, they still have to strive for something worthwhile tomorrow.
  • Some try with happiness, but find that it evades them more the harder they try.

The value that surpasses and integrates all of the above, the value that you can follow now and every instant of your life is meaning.

Meaning is something you can feel. Meaning is a sense of alignment. It's the feeling that everything is coming together and pulsating in harmony. It's a feeling of integrity and groundedness. You feel like you are in the right place at the right moment and going in the right direction.

Hear it from the words of possibly the foremost expert in the psychology of meaning, Prof. Jordan Peterson in this 20s segment.

I am convinced that, in the final analysis, there is no situation that does not contain within it the seed of a meaning.
- Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for Meaning

Meaning-centered coaching

Finding meaning is a complex process. It is easy to get stuck when you try to do it alone. A facilitative environment can be of great help. A coach can provide that environment.

Meaning-centered coaching is a form of life coaching. It is influenced by various aspects of psychological research and practice, including:

  • Positive psychology - the scientific study of what makes life most worth living
  • Second wave positive psychology - how to bring out the best in individuals and society in spite of and because of the dark side of human existence
  • The psychology of meaning
  • Humanistic psychology - an approach based on the assumption that people have the power to self-actualize if provided with a fertile environment
  • Existential psychology - the study of the psychological effects of the bare facts of existence (limitation, suffering, death)

Notable influences are:

  • Viktor Frankl
  • Carl Rogers
  • Carl Jung
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Paul Wong
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Martin Seligman

Coaching vs Counselling/psychotherapy

Note: Meaning-Centered Coaching, the service offered on this website, is not counselling or psychotherapy.

To understand the difference between coaching and counselling/psychotherapy, just think about physical wellbeing. When you are sick you go to the doctor. When you are healthy, to feel better you might see a fitness coach or a diet coach.

With psychological wellbeing it's pretty much the same. If you have a psychological issue in need of healing you might consider counselling (short-term) or psychotherapy (long-term) with someone with the required training.

If you feel that you are healthy and want to proactively improve some aspect of your life, coaching could be the right thing for you.

Life coaching vs Meaning-centered Coaching

Meaning-centered coaching is a type of life coaching. Life coaching helps you set personal goals and define strategies to achieve them.

But how to choose which goals to pursue? This will depend on the type of life coaching. In meaning-centered coaching, meaning plays a central role in how you choose your goals and how you go about pursuing them.

The antidote to suffering is meaning… if meaning is pursued properly, then people do not get corrupted by their suffering, and that actually diminishes the net total of suffering.
- Jordan B. Peterson

Meet your meaning-centered coach

Hi, I'm Nick Redmark, I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I'm in the process of

  • doing an International Coaching Federation certified coaching formation
  • developing a blueprint for meaning-centered coaching based on meaning psychology research

Limited offer

While my training proceeds I'm offering free online coaching sessions to up to 5 people. Through these sessions you will be able to talk to someone and be listened to carefully. Together, we will work on

  • Where you are
    • Clarifying your current situation, opportunities and challenges
    • Identifying strengths to harness and weaknesses to mitigate
  • Where you could be
    • Finding out the meanings and values in your life, integrate and prioritize them
    • Setting clear and achievable goals and results that reflect your values
    • Becoming aware of where things could go if you let yourself drift
  • Getting from where you are to where you could be
    • Defining strategies and action plans to achieve your goals
    • Defining ways to keep you motivated, avoiding pitfalls and recovering from setbacks
    • Finding accountability and measuring your progress

Note that this is offer is limited to 5 people and to the next couple of months. Don't miss this opportunity. Book now to explore the hidden meaning in your life.